Six Easy Steps To Overcoming Email List Procrastination



Six easy steps to overcoming email list procrastination

Overcoming Email List Procrastination

I know how it feels…

You’re just like me. Sometimes for some strange reason you just find yourself procrastinating…

Overcoming email list procrastination is not easy.

You know you need to create an email list, but you still haven’t made any progress on it.

Actually, you’ve been sitting around trying not to think about it.

You’re probably wondering, what is wrong with you?

Don’t you know statistically, each subscriber on your list is worth at least $1 per month to your bottom line? Are you even slightly motivated by the potential to pull in an additional $300, $3000, or even $30,0000 per month?

Your email list is a critical business asset. When you think about it, however, you might be worried about feeling pushy or “intrusive.”

I mean, sending an email to someone’s inbox is the equivalent of inviting yourself into someone’s “online home.”

If you want to build a list of 3000 people, you might be intimidated by the idea of knocking on 3000 doors every day and saying…

“Hey, I’ve got some stuff to talk about. Wanna hang out for a bit?”

Yet that’s essentially what people do when they hit the “send” button to their email list. They’re sharing content, opinions, and information.

When someone “opens the email,” they’re basically inviting that authority figure into their online living room and sitting down for a chat.

No pressure, right?

If you’re sharing truly useful information and content, you shouldn’t feel any pressure.

Think about the most successful email marketers out there right now.

For example, Chris Record, Jon Benson, Frank Kern and Maria Forleo to name a few. Do you think they worry about “bothering” people?

Probably not.

These folks are pretty confident they’re offering tons of value to their subscribers.

They’re not worried about being pushy or intrusive. In fact, they might “invite themselves in for a chat” multiple times per day.

If someone doesn’t want to open their email, or if they unsubscribe, then it’s not a big deal.

So for crying out loud, if THAT’S what’s holding you back from starting an email list, stop worrying about it!

You got this!

Get confident that you KNOW your industry and niche, and you have something valuable to contribute. People can sense insecurity a mile away (yes, even in your emails).

Be confident. Have an opinion. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

What’s the worst that could happen? Someone could unsubscribe? They probably weren’t going to buy from you anyway. Move on.

Follow some basic, easy steps, and with a methodical approach, you can build a valuable list in no time.

Look no further, I am here to show you how my friend.

Here are…

6 easy steps to overcoming email list procrastination
and get you successfully
building a list.


Step One: Choose A Reputable Email Marketing Service.

If you haven’t already picked out an email service provider, get this step done.

You have hundreds of choices in this area. Some services are expensive, while some are free for a small subscriber list.

Most services (also called autoresponders) offer Opt in Page templates, email creation templates, dashboards for tracking campaign metrics, and other tools to help with your email marketing.

When you’re just starting out you want to keep it simple and go with a fairly basic service. Keep in mind, however, if you’re truly dedicated, it’s possible to grow your list rapidly. So you’ll want to make sure the service you choose offers upgrades and support to match your growth needs.

And you’ll want to make sure your service is easy to migrate from in the event you decide to move to a new email platform altogether.

Some notable services worth considering are: AWeber, GetResponse, MadMimi, MailChimp, and ConstantContact.

Do your due diligence when researching pricing, list segmentation capabilities, list size, and customer service.

Note: There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your email service provider. If you tend to get “bogged down” by big decisions, set a deadline for making your decision and stick to it.

 Step Two: Offer A “Bribe” In Exchange For An Email Address

So, you want someone’s email address, eh? Well, it’s gonna cost you!

Don’t worry, you just need to come up with some free, useful content. Like an e-book, a coupon code, maybe an infographic. Put a lot of effort into making your “opt-in bribe” valuable, and people will gladly give you their email address.

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Step Three: Make Your Opt-In Box

Back in the old days, say 2010, you probably had to go out and pay someone to create a webpage with an opt-in box for you.

Luckily most autoresponder services include page building templates in their platforms. Once someone gives you their email address and name, they’re automatically added to your list, and you can start sending them your best stuff regularly.

Step Four: Add The Opt-In Box To Your Page:

This is pretty easy, but if you get stuck, your autoresponder service should have easy tutorials on their site. If you’re still stuck, you should be able to find some “How To” videos on YouTube.

Step Five: Partner Up With Industry Experts

There are many ways to partner with people to get their help building your list. You can offer them a guest spot on your blog or podcast. You could offer to write blog posts for their sites, or consult for their clients who might need help in your areas of expertise.

Step Six: Make it easy

Anyone who contacts you or purchases from should be able to join your list with a click. This can be as simple as adding a little box with “Yes, I’d like to receive information regarding industry news and offers!” on your confirmation and thank you pages.


Every business owner (online or brick and mortar) should put in the effort to build an email list. Most people who sign up for lists are anxious to receive updates and news, as long as the information is truly valuable. Overcoming email list procrastination is no easy task but is required to succeed. 

Make sure you’re offering true insight, and not just recycled industry babble. While you shouldn’t worry too much about being pushy or intrusive, keep in mind that people like to feel like they “discovered” information before they’ll buy. If you “hard sell” you risk losing buyer trust, and will probably lose the subscriber too.

Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from starting your list building efforts. Get out there and do it.

Okay that’s it… It’s your turn!

Do you have any questions or comments? How do you overcome email list procrastination? Leave em’ in the comment box below.

Talk to you soon

Franky Surroca

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