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Convert Blog Posts Into Videos: The Why and How

Turn a Blog Post Into Videos: How to Convert Blog Content to Engaging Clips

Crafting an awesome blog post is no easy feat! You’ve probably spent hours upon hours researching, brainstorming, and fine-tuning your content – it’s totally understandable. It takes a lot of hard work to deliver quality posts that readers will love.

You spent all that time diligently working hard to craft this perfect piece of content, you post it on your blog, and if you’re like most of the bloggers starting out… you get nothing. At least not at first initially.

But what if I tell you that there’s a way to turn your blog content into highly engaging clips?

Increase Your Conversion With Blog Posts Turned Into Videos

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, how much is a video worth? A video can be worth more than just a thousand words – it can be worth an entire blog post!

There are many benefits to turning your blog post into a video. For one, it’s a great way to add another dimension to your content and make it more engaging for your audience. Videos are also more likely to be shared on social media, which can help increase your reach, improve your SEO and get more people to read your blog.

But what if you’re not a videographer? Or do you need more time or resources to create a video? That’s where we come in! Our team of professionals can turn written blog content into high-quality videos quickly and easily.

repurpose blog posts to videos

Why Turn a Blog Post Into Video?

There are several reasons you might want to turn your original blog post into a video:

Most Audiences Prefer Videos Over Written Content

Videos are incredibly popular. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world after Google. People love watching videos, and if you can create an interesting and informative video, there’s a good chance it will be popular with your audience.

Videos Attract Audience’s Attention

Video is a great way to diversify your content. If all you ever do is write blog posts, you will get bored, and so will your audience. But if you mix things up and create videos, infographics, podcasts, etc., you’ll keep things fresh and interesting. Video creation is a good way to turn a single post into multiple engaging content pieces.

Video Marketing Promotes Your Brand Better

If you are a marketer, video creation can be a great way to promote your blog or website through content marketing. If you include a link to your site in the video description, you can generate some traffic back to your site. And if the video is popular, it could even go viral, bringing a ton of traffic back to your site!

repurpose existing blog posts into video content

Benefits You’ll Get if You Convert Your Blog Posts Into a Video

There are many reasons why you should repurpose your blog posts into a video. Videos are more engaging than text, and they can be an effective way to reach a wider audience. Videos are also more likely to be shared on social media, which can help you reach even more people. Finally, a video marketing strategy is a great way to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Stress-free Way to Repurpose Existing Blog Posts into Videos

Blog-to-video services involve taking a blog post and turning it into a video. This can be done in several ways but typically consists of recording a voiceover of the blog post, adding graphics and/or animation, and possibly including additional footage or interviews. Several companies offer this service, and the quality can vary greatly.

How to find the Right Video Editing Professional

It is important to find a company that you feel confident will be able to produce a high-quality video that accurately represents your brand. If you are interested in using a blog-to-video service, keep a few things in mind. 

  • Make sure that you find a reputable company with good reviews. 
  • Be clear about what you want from the finished product – do you want it to be highly polished or more raw and edgy? 
  • Don’t forget to factor in the cost of production when budgeting for your project.

Benefits of Using a Video Editing Service from Trusted Digital Marketing Agencies

One of the benefits of using a blog-to-video service is that it can help you reach a wider audience. Videos are more likely to be shared than written content. They can be especially effective in getting your message across if you target a younger audience. Another benefit is that videos are more engaging than written content and can help keep your readers engaged for longer periods.

This is particularly important if you are trying to sell a product or service, as you want potential customers to stick around long enough to learn more about your offer.

turn existing blog posts into engaging clips

How to Turn Blog Post Into Videos

You can convert old or new blog posts into a Youtube video in simple steps:

  • Decide which portions of the blog post would work well as visuals.
  • Find or create images that support the text.
  • Record yourself reading the blog post aloud.

If you want to add production value to your video, you can include music or sound effects. Just be sure not to violate any copyright laws. Once your video is edited and ready to go, upload it to YouTube or another video-sharing site. In addition, with the proper format, you can also post your repurposed video blog on other social media channels.

Tips for Creating an Effective Video Content

Creating an effective video for your blog post can be a great way to engage your audience and make your content more accessible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your video:

  • Keep it short and sweet: videos should be around 2 minutes long. Any longer, and you risk losing your viewer’s attention.
  • Focus on the key points: highlight the most important information from your post and condense it into a manageable video format.
  • Make appealing visuals: use high-quality graphics and visuals to create an engaging video.
  • Add audio: A voiceover or background music can help make your video more enjoyable.

turn blog posts into videos

Conclusion: Is It Worth It to Turn Your Blog Posts Into Video Content?

So, is it worth it to turn your posted blogs into video content? In short, yes. Video can be an extremely effective way to reach and engage with your audience. It can also help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) thanks to its ability to boost dwell time and engagement metrics. And if that’s not enough, consider this: people are more likely to share videos than written content.

A video may be the answer if you’re looking for a way to increase traffic and social shares. Are you convinced yet? If you have any questions or want tips for creating videos using online tools, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love helping our clients create great content that engages their audiences and drives results.

Does video marketing cost a lot of money

Does Video Marketing Cost A Lot Of Money?

Let’s get one thing clear. One of the main reasons why your competitors probably haven’t jumped into video marketing is because of their fear of cost.

Please understand that the reason why they are not cranking out one marketing video after another probably is not due to their inability to appreciate the power of video marketing.

In fact, most people in the marketing field would agree that video marketing brings a lot of value to the table.

This is not the argument.

This is not where people disagree.

Instead, people have all sorts of misconceptions regarding the costs of video marketing. They can see the benefits with no problem.

What they’re unclear on is whether the costs would justify the benefit.

Most video marketing attempts fail the first time

What really clouds this whole picture is the fact that when you try anything the first time around and you don’t have some sort of blueprint or plan, your chances of failure are quite high.

This is not just a video marketing thing mind you. This applies across the board.

Maybe you’re trying to ride a bike.

Maybe you’re trying to build a house.

Maybe you’re trying to do a painting or you’re trying to sculpt.

I am pretty much guaranteeing that your first few attempts are not going to be all that good. You probably already know this. Why should video marketing be any different?

When people just jump in both feet because they got all excited about the benefits of video marketing, they might end up making rookie mistakes.

How come?

They did not have proper guidance…

But that’s the good news here.

With the proper blueprint or coaching or video marketing consulting, you don’t have to commit those beginner mistakes.

Your stuff doesn’t have to look amateurish and basic. You can come up with something truly professional the first time around.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to get out of the gate with really high-quality videos that connect powerfully with their target audience members.

Their secret, there is no secret at all. They just read the right resources and allow these resources to guide them in producing one hard-hitting quality video after another. If they can do it, you can do it too.

This really is not an issue of cost but more of information.

With the right information you will shortly find that high-quality videos that truly go a long way in building up your brand don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

There are many ways to solve the video marketing dilemma you may be currently facing in your business.

One of the main reasons why a lot of people have this idea that video marketing has to cost a lot of money is the misconception that they have to produce Hollywood or Madison Avenue level videos.

Absolutely wrong.

In fact, in certain niches, audiences respond favorably to very amateurish or very basic videos.

You really just have to know your niche.

More specifically, you just have to know how to segment and break up your niche into little sub-markets.

Put simply, the better you know your audience the more powerful your video can be and has nothing to do with how polished or smooth it is.

Instead it has everything to do with your video’s ability to communicate with your target audience members on a very human, personal, and emotional level.

There are many tools you can use

Another piece of good news. You can drastically reduce your video productions costs by understanding that there are many different levels of videos. At the top of this hierarchy, of course, are high-quality videos. These are very personal, these are professionally shot, and these really are your meat and potatoes videos. These are the kind of videos that really champion your brand, but the levels beneath this kind of video are not as quality intensive.

You can use software for video that is intended to supplement or support your text content. You can use the software to crank out a video for supplemental marketing. Obviously, the relationship with these different video levels goes a long way in reducing your overall cost.

Keep the facts above in mind if you are still on the fence regarding video marketing. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you want to get more information on video marketing or would like to check out my video marketing training course that goes in depth on every aspect of it.

Ok guys, that’s it. Now it’s your turn.

What part do you find the most expensive when it comes to video marketing?

Viddyoze Live Action Review and Bonus

Viddyoze Live Action Review + BEST Viddyoze Live Action Bonus EVER!

viddyoze live action buy

Welcome to my Viddyoze Live Action Review.

For the previous year, the Viddyoze group has actually been working on some super secret innovation that is going to permit you to create video animations that are not feasible, anywhere else on earth.

For sure, what you will see will certainly transform the video animation market.

This is that big, they have spent the past several months shooting a 4 part documentary series taking you deep inside this new technology. I will show you some extracts further down, but first little more details…

viddyoze live activityViddyoze Live Action is the most recent development by the Viddyoze team. For the very first time ever before, Viddyoze Live Activity combines video as well as 3D computer animation, 100% automated.

This has actually never ever been done ever before!

You will have the ability to include your personal logo designs, photos & message right into a genuine motion picture scene, with your uploads blending perfectly into the scene!

Users have access more than 100 Viddyoze Live Activity design templates that are totally personalized with your very own logo designs, pictures & message!

The Viddyoze guys have actually been dealing with video clip studios & actors, taping video footage, especially for the Viddyoze system. Absolutely nothing such as this has actually EVER BEFORE been done.

Imagen replacing an image on the T-Shirt of a MOVING person in a video with your logo and/or text and even as the person moves around, your logo moves with him/her in 3D!

So what is the most interesting part? viddyoze live action best bonus

Whilst it has actually taken the Viddyoze group nearly a year to prepare as well as develop this cutting-edge technology, they have really made it extremely EASY for any kind of customer to use

The following listed examples were crafted with a couple of clicks of the computer mouse.

Your message is part of the action in the video

Your image, logo or text as part of the action

viddyoze live action

Your image or message strategically placed on the video

viddyoze live action templates

Below are the 3 easy actions to follow to generate your Viddyoze Live Action video

1. Just pick among the perfectly crafted Live Activity themes

Viddyoze Templates

Live Activity has more than 100+ skillfully crafted design templates to be made use of and also personalized as well as varying from all type of various particular niches. Whatever you require, Viddyoze Live Activity obtained it!


2. Personalize the Viddyoze Live Activity design template to your preference

viddyoze customize-templates

Include your personal logo design, include message as well as photos. Select shades as well as branding for the computer animation, and also you’re good to go. It actually takes secs…


3. Strike Make to produce your Life Activity Video clip

viddyoze render-templates

Viddyoze disappears and also as constantly, COOKS your video clip to HD conclusion in simply mins.


See what Viddyoze Customers have to say about their experience with Viddyoze

And Life Action Video is 100% internet based, on the cloud.

You can produce video animations from your phone as well!

Here is what is waiting for you if you decide to take you business to the next step with Life Action Video:

  • No requirement for pricey software application, there’s absolutely nothing to download and install or set up.
  • Entirely technology friendly. If you know how to click your computer mouse, you know how to produce video animations.
  • Substantial range of layouts covering a vast array of specific business and personal niches.
  • Craft sensational 3D motion effects that cannot not be produced this quickly, anywhere else.

viddyoze live action buy



viddyoze live action Bonus 1

viddyoze live action Bonus two

viddyoze live action Bonus three

viddyoze live action Bonus four

viddyoze live action Bonus five

viddyoze live action Bonus six

viddyoze live action Bonus seven

viddyoze live action Bonus eight

viddyoze live action Bonus nine

Viddyoze Live Action Joey Xoto

viddyoze live action review and demo

viddyoze live action buy