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Hey friends! Elevate your online video interaction with the PlexiCam trademark – a revolutionary device that redefines webcam usage. No more struggles with fixed webcams; PlexiCam’s mission is to empower people to position their cameras anywhere on the screen for seamless eye contact on calls. Compatible with various devices, from webcams to DSLR cameras and smartphones, PlexiCam, inc. transforms the way you present. The setup is quick – slide, attach, and you’re ready to go. More than just a webcam, PlexiCam is a versatile product with optional LED lighting, doubling as a teleprompter. Its Eye to Eye™ technology ensures a natural connection, freeing people from the constraints of built-in webcams. Embrace PlexiCam for a scalable and professional video solution.

Introducing PlexiCam

PlexiCam is a revolutionary solution conceived by industry innovator Thomas Koulopoulos in 2012. In December 2019, just before the global shift to remote work became apparent, Koulopoulos and Co-Founder Dan Keldsen revitalized the PlexiCam prototype, propelling it from concept to reality. Crafted by a team of seasoned professionals in the event and broadcast industry, PlexiCam addresses the frustration with webinars lacking genuine human connection, aiming to redefine the virtual engagement experience. 

Established in 2020 and headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts, PlexiCam emerges as the brainchild of visionaries determined to overcome the limitations of fixed webcams, specifically addressing the challenge of maintaining eye contact during online interactions. Tailored for professionals conducting webinars and individuals participating in virtual meetings, PlexiCam offers a flexible, user-friendly solution to enhance the overall quality of virtual communication.

Features of PlexiCam

First, let’s explore a quantity of standout features that make PlexiCam a game-changer in webcam solutions.

Flexible Webcam Positioning

PlexiCam’s patented mechanism empowers users to position their webcam anywhere on the screen, allowing optimal eye contact during virtual interactions.

Universal Camera Compatibility

Whether a laptop webcam, DSLR camera, mirrorless camera, or smartphone, PlexiCam accommodates any camera, providing versatility for many users.

Easy Setup 

With a simple sliding of the adjustable friction sleeve onto the hanger, users can attach their preferred camera and be ready to broadcast professionally within minutes.


PlexiCam grows with your needs, seamlessly adapting from laptops to widescreen desktop monitors, ensuring a consistent and reliable video platform.

Eye to Eye™ Technology

Say goodbye to the disconnect between looking at the person on your screen and looking at the camera. PlexiCam’s Eye to Eye™ technology enables users to maintain direct eye contact effortlessly.

Use Your Own Camera

Break free from the limitations of built-in webcams. PlexiCam allows users to use their preferred camera, offering flexibility in adapting to evolving camera technologies.

Professional Lighting Options

PlexiCam is not just a webcam solution; it’s a complete platform. Optional high-quality LED lighting attachments ensure your image is well-lit, addressing the importance of lighting in online video quality.

Teleprompter Functionality

PlexiCam serves as an ideal teleprompter, eliminating the need for bulky equipment. Users can utilize any monitor and look like a pro during presentations or recordings.

Complete Video Platform

PlexiCam provides a comprehensive solution for online video, including top-notch service and scalability to meet the evolving needs of users, ensuring they always look their best during virtual interactions.

Additional Accessories

The PlexiCam Pro model, ideal for desktop monitors, offers the flexibility to enhance your setup further with accessories such as LED lights, extensions, phone holders, and a convenient carrying case.

The PlexiCam Advantage

Delve into the numerous pros that distinguish PlexiCam as an excellent choice for enhancing your virtual interactions.

Compact & Innovative Design: PlexiCam’s innovative design uses ultra-clear acrylic to minimize optical distortion, ensuring a clear and crisp view. The patent-pending upper bend is precisely angled to bring the PlexiCam as close to the screen as possible, eliminating any optical refraction that might occur at a greater distance. It occupies no additional desktop space, making it a highly appealing choice for users with limited workspace.

Travel-Friendly: Ideal for professionals, remote workers, and influencers on the move, PlexiCam offers a portable setup that fits seamlessly into carry-on luggage, enabling users to make professional pitches from any location.

Versatile Styles: With multiple PlexiCam styles catering to professionals, influencers, remote workers, and road warriors, users can choose the model that best suits their needs and preferences.

Confident Presentation: PlexiCam allows users to present professionally and confidently with any model, ensuring a super crisp video image during broadcasts or recordings.

Time and Cost Efficiency: PlexiCam is a time and cost-efficient solution, offering users a streamlined and effective tool for virtual communication without the need for extensive part setups or investments.

The PlexiCam Drawback

While PlexiCam boasts many positives, let’s look candidly at a potential downside. 

Positioning Limitation: In content-dense websites where every inch of screen space is crucial, PlexiCam’s fixed positioning may become bothersome, requiring manual adjustments for optimal placement during different activities like meetings.

What Stands Out with PlexiCam? 

PlexiCam has been a game-changer in my virtual communication experience, primarily due to its exceptional flexibility in webcam positioning. The mechanism patents that allow users to place the webcam anywhere on the screen have enhanced my ability to maintain optimal eye contact during virtual interactions. This feature, coupled with PlexiCam’s universal camera compatibility, has allowed me to use my preferred camera, whether it’s a DSLR, mirrorless, or even my smartphone. 

The ease of setup with the adjustable friction sleeve and the scalability from laptops to widescreen desktop monitors have made PlexiCam a versatile and user-friendly solution. Additionally, incorporating professional lighting options and teleprompter functionality further elevates the quality of my online presentations and recordings. PlexiCam’s commitment to providing a complete video platform ensures that my virtual presence is consistently top-notch, making it an indispensable tool for professionals like myself.

Area for Enhancement

Despite the many advantages, one limitation I’ve encountered with PlexiCam is its fixed positioning, which can be inconvenient in scenarios involving content-dense websites. When every inch of screen space matters, manually adjusting the webcam for optimal placement, especially during meetings, becomes cumbersome. Something to consider as well – when not in a zoom call, due to its fixed position, when the camera is no longer directed towards you, preventing the use of Windows Hello software. While PlexiCam is a fantastic tool, this aspect might pose a challenge in specific usage scenarios. Nevertheless, the overall weight of the positive impact on my virtual communication far outweighs this drawback, making PlexiCam a valuable addition to my setup.

The PlexiCam Pricing 

Get insights into the best PlexiCam product variants that suit your needs – product information, unit price, sale price, and payment methods. PlexiCam products are open to shipping in different countries. 

For Broadcast Industry Professionals. For Influencers. For Remote Workers. For Road Warriors.


PlexiCam Pro – $85.00

First on the list, with the highest rating. Ideal for larger laptops or display monitors (19″ to 27″), PlexiCam Pro offers a compact base unit measuring 9.5″ by 2″ by .22″, featuring a 2 “x4” shelf and a stainless steel thumb screw for webcam mounting. Optional LED light kits and additional accessory shelves provide step-less adjustable brightness and color control.



PlexiCam Pro+ – $95.00

Tailored for larger screens (27″ or larger), PlexiCam Pro+ includes a second shelf for dual webcams or a ring/LED light. The base unit measures 9.5″ by 2″ by .22″, offering extreme flexibility with two shelves, two friction sleeves, and two stainless steel thumb screws. An optional extension is available for screens larger than 32 inches.


LED Light Kit – $55.00

Light up your space with the PlexiCam LED Light Kit. For $55.00, you get the LED light, friction sleeve, 2 “x4” shelf, and a D-ring screw with a washer. With 66 LEDs and step-less adjustable brightness from 10% to 100%, it delivers 800 LUX at 0.5 meters, offering a 2500-6500K color spectrum with step-less adjustment. The 2000mAh rechargeable battery with a USB cable ensures 10 hours of use at 10% or 2 hours at 100% intensity, and it can be used while charging.


PlexiCam Wave Shelf Kit – $40.00

The PlexiCam Wave Shelf Kit is priced at $40.00 and designed specifically for Logitech Brio owners. This kit requires a PlexiCam Mini, Pro, Pro+, or Max as the base for a complete solution for your Brio. Overcome the Brio’s unique flush camera mount limitations with the PlexiCam Wave Shelf, offering up to 220 degrees of vertical freedom. The kit includes a friction sleeve for attachment to your PlexiCam (compatible with any PlexiCam), a stainless steel thumbscrew for mounting your camera, and two right-angled USB-C to USB-C adaptors. Note that you must have a PlexiCam Mini, PlexiCam, Pro, PlexiCam Pro+, or PlexiCam Max to mount the PlexiCam Wave Shelf Kit, and the shelf itself measures 2″x4″.


PlexiCam Road Warrior Mini – $105.00

Ideal for on-the-go professionals, the PlexiCam Road Warrior Mini is designed for use with laptops, big or small. The package includes the LED light, friction sleeve, shelf (2 “x4”), and 2 D-ring screws. The compact and powerful LED light offers step-less adjustable brightness and color control, making it suitable for diverse travel scenarios.




PlexiCam Road Warrior Pro – $125.00

Tailored for those with larger laptops (17″ or larger) or using 27″ or larger monitors, the PlexiCam Road Warrior Pro is the choice for professionals on the move. With a vertical reach of 9.5″, this model is versatile for both travel and office use, including hotel rooms with large-screen TVs. The package includes the LED light, friction sleeve, shelf (2 “x4”), and 2 D-ring screws offering full brightness and color control with step-less adjustment. Note: Consider using a PlexiCam® MAX plus an LED Light Kit for mirrorless or DSLR cameras.




Smartphone Holder – $25.00

Enhance your PlexiCam experience with the optional Smartphone Holder, priced at $25.00. Utilizing a ratcheted mechanism and a base that easily attaches to your PlexiCam® with the included quick-release screw, this holder offers seamless adjustability to tilt your iPhone up/down and side to side. Compatible with PlexiCam® Mini, Pro, and Pro+, it accommodates phones with widths ranging from 2.1 to 3.8 inches.




PlexiCam MAX – $185.00

Tailored for front-heavy DSLR or mirrorless cameras up to 5 lbs, the PlexiCam® MAX excels with display monitors ranging from 10″ to 85″. This model has a universal ball mount and a slotted extension for an extended length of over 18 in., accommodating various cameras such as micro 4/3, APS-C, or crop frame sensor cameras from Sony series, Canon, and Panasonic. Users with an Apple iMac can pair the PlexiCam® MAX with a PlexiCam® Stabilizer to restrain the tilting of your Mac screen. The package includes a vertical hook, slotted vertical hanger, slotted extension, 2 “x3.5″ slotted shelf, custom ball mount, standard 1/4″ 20 D-ring, stainless steel thumb screws, rubber washers, and clear plastic washers for secure and versatile camera mounting.




PlexiCam Clamp For Extra Deep Screens – $35.00

For screens deeper than 1.5 inches, the PlexiCam® Clamp is the ideal solution, priced at $35.00. This clamp ensures a secure fit on monitors as deep as 4 inches and effortlessly slides onto any existing PlexiCam® model from Mini to Max. Note that the PlexiCam® Clamp includes the top clamp with a friction sleeve and shelf; however, you must purchase your PlexiCam® separately.





PlexiCam Extension – $25.00

Add an extra 9 inches to your PlexiCam® Pro or Pro+ with the optional PlexiCam Extension, available for $25.00. Perfect for screens larger than 27 inches, this extension includes a vertical extension and an additional friction sleeve to attach to your Pro or Pro+. You must already have a PlexiCam® to use this accessory; it will not work alone.



Adapter for Webcams without a Screw Mount – $5.00

Priced at $5.00, the Adapter for Webcams without a Screw Mount enables you to easily mount a webcam lacking a 1/4″ 20 screw mount to a standard PlexiCam® shelf using a D-Ring Screw. This adapter is essential for cameras like the Logitech StreamCam, Logitech 720p, most Microsoft Lifecam models, and typically older webcams.




PlexiCam Ultimate Bundle – $195.00

For those undecided or wanting versatility across different computers and monitors, the PlexiCam Ultimate Bundle is the perfect solution. This comprehensive package includes all components needed to build PlexiCam Mini, Pro, Pro+, and both Road Warriors. With added convenience, the bundle also comes with the LED Light Kit, providing flexibility for various PlexiCam setups, including specific components for different models like the Wave Shelf Kit.




Additional PlexiCam Shelf for Light – $35.00

For $35.00, enhance your setup with an Additional PlexiCam Shelf for Light. Measuring 2″x4″, this shelf includes a friction sleeve and stainless steel thumb screw for seamless mounting of webcams with a standard UNC 20 .25″ threaded mount. Upgrade your PlexiCam experience with this additional shelf designed for optimal lighting.




Road Warrior Plus (w/ Logitech Brio Stream HDR 4K webcam) – $345.00

A seamless solution, Road Warrior Plus, includes the Logitech Brio Stream HDR 4K webcam and LED light. Offering Ultra 4K HD resolution, auto light adjustment, and noise-canceling technology, the Logitech Brio® enhances video quality. The package includes a hanger, friction sleeve, wave, and straight shelves, D-ring screws, and a USB-C adaptor, providing a comprehensive solution for professional video streaming or recording on the road.




PlexiCam Mini – $50.00

Designed for laptops, PlexiCam Mini is versatile and portable, fitting all laptops with a base unit measuring 6.25″ by 2″ by .22″. An optional carrying case is available for travel convenience. Ideal for on-the-go professionals, PlexiCam Mini can be enhanced with an optional LED light kit.




Note: If you are unsatisfied with your PlexiCam™, you can initiate a return within 30 days upon checkout on your product receipt, and a full refund will be processed for the purchased products. While the return shipping is at your expense, PlexiCam™ prioritizes your input and satisfaction. It’s important to be aware that shipping and handling costs are non-refundable, and in case of a refund, these costs may be deducted from the total refund amount. Reach out to their customer service support for more details regarding this matter. They also offer a replacement for parts or accessories with a problem within 90 days of the item purchase.

For shipping information orders: Economy shipping is free for orders over $100 usd within the US.

They accept the following payment options: 

PayPal, Visa Mastercard, Discover American Express

User Experiences with PlexiCam

Hear directly from users as we delve into their experiences, comments, and feedback with PlexiCam. Here are some customer reviews for a better understanding of the software’s performance. You can check their website for testimonials and customer photos. 

Final Verdict

Thanks to PlexiCam for being a game-changer in a virtual conference or meeting. The freedom to position the webcam lens, ensuring eye contact without fuss, has made a world of difference. Whether you’re a pro or just looking to step up your video game, PlexiCam’s got you covered with a selection of version models like Mini, Pro, and even the MAX for those heavy-duty cameras. Plus, the option to add some striking LED lights and teleprompter magic is a total bonus. If you’re ready to level up your online presence, dive into the world of PlexiCam. Trust me, your virtual meetings will thank you!


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