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Traffic Generation Without Paying

Are you aware of the fact that you can increase traffic to your website without marketing?
The whole thing seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? The truth is, it is.
Businesses should focus on marketing from the very beginning, as it is one of the most important aspects. By focusing only on the normal traffic generation tips and tricks, you will miss out on a lot of potential customers and audience reach.
If you’d like to increase your website’s traffic without doing any marketing, try these simple strategies:

There are several types of website traffic

We should first discuss the different types of traffic before we can discuss ways to jumpstart your traffic. An online business’ success is largely determined by the amount of traffic it receives to its site. A lot of people are visiting your site because of content that has attracted them, so it is more likely to convert into sales.
When it comes to improving website traffic, there are four types you need to consider:
Of the four types of traffic mentioned above, organic traffic is the most important. Traffic like this comes from search engines, and more targeted users are attracted by it. The next highest traffic source is referral traffic, but that depends on the type of website sending you traffic. The quality of traffic you get is likely to be better if it’s coming from popular websites. It is not likely that low quality sites will pay off in terms of traffic and, as such, they will not be of much value to you. Direct Traffic are visitors who directly visit your website’s URL and do so either by bookmarking you or typing it in. Last but not least, social traffic originates from (you guessed it) social media sites.

Traffic-Increasing Strategies for Websites

Whenever you implement the following strategies, it’s best to keep your actions repetitive. Your website traffic will start to increase significantly (and steadily) as you do these things regularly. You won’t see the results overnight, or even within a month, but they will happen. Your business will grow without you paying a penny for traffic or advertising.
The following are things to do:
The more you network, the better off you will be!
The importance of this can’t be overstated, which is why it makes the list. When compared to the other types of traffic – for example, organic traffic – social network traffic is very easy to get for businesses.
You can use sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and even Snapchat to keep in touch. Your clickable links should be prominently displayed, but you shouldn’t spam your followers. Let them know your thoughts by sharing their content, commenting on their posts, and starting a conversation. Your connections will increase as you network more. Developing and being part of a community will increase your website traffic steadily. You can get other people to check out your site by commenting on other blog posts and social media posts, and they will click on your link to learn more about you.
Consequently, you should make your website’s pages shareable as well. For your site to become more social networking friendly, you may want to add some social sharing plugins if your posts aren’t designed to be shared.

Email Collection

Make sure you start building your email list the minute you launch your website, especially if it has a blog. Visitors should not be forced into subscribing, but provided with valuable incentives to do so. The direct benefits they receive make them choose to subscribe willingly. Posts will be sent directly to their email address if they subscribe willingly, so they won’t unsubscribe and consider the emails spam.
Linking your email list to the RSS feeds on your blog is one of the best ways to increase your blog readership. By doing this, you ensure that your subscribers are notified whenever you publish a new article. Keep your business fresh in the minds of your readers by keeping them updated on the latest content. As a result, they are more likely to think of you when they need a product or service that your brand provides.

Content Optimization

By optimizing your posts and pages for search engines (SEO), your website will rank higher in search engines and, as a result, generate more traffic without marketing. You can expect 600,000 clicks per month and millions of page views for your website if you have 60 posts that rank even fairly high within search engine results.
What steps do you take to accomplish this?
While SEO can be quite complicated, you can begin boosting your website traffic right away by implementing some of these simple practices:

Find keywords by conducting research

1. Provide a brief description of what you offer

2. In the description, highlight the keywords and phrases you want to emphasize

3. Create as many combinations as you can using that list of words

4. Use Google Keyword Planner or other keyword research tools to get more ideas

5. By using the “See how they perform” option in the Keyword Planner, you can test all of those ideas out.

6. Decide which options have the largest volume and lowest cost per click. You should use these as your “Target Keywords”

7. Write content that incorporates these into your page, or hire an experienced freelancer who can do it well for you.

Site-wide optimization

  • Make sure each page has a unique meta description with at least one relevant keyword incorporated. Keep the length to under 155 words.
  • Make sure each page/tab’s URL contains a target keyword
  • Make sure the ALT tags for the images contain keywords relevant to the image.

Quality content is key

You should have enough valuable content on your site to keep your readers interested. The content on each page of your site should be at least 800-1500 words long.
Your business should have a blog, and you should publish posts regularly. The ideal would be to do it several times per week, but a couple times per month is adequate.
Make sure you promote your content on as many social media platforms as possible.

Make your headlines powerful by using powerful words

A good way to convince a user to click on your post and read the contents is to use power words. You are more likely to get hits or clicks if your headline is “Best marketing automation software you should buy.” instead of, “Marketing automation software you should buy.”
The title of your web page, blog post, or article should take up 70% to 75% of your time. If you want your writing to grab the attention of the reader, it must use power words and be catchy.

Establish a backlink-building strategy

A backlink is simply a hyperlink that connects one page to another. Furthermore, they increase website traffic without marketing, which is important for search engine optimization. Referral traffic will be generated by backlinks to your business’ website or blog. As a result, you will receive more organic traffic because your search engine ranking and domain authority will improve.

Use YouTube to your advantage

Approximately 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and nearly 5 billion videos are viewed daily, according to Fortune Lords. Each month, approximately 900 million hours of video are viewed on YouTube.
YouTube can provide you with tons of referral traffic if you upload quality videos and then link back to your website. It is likely that you will receive millions of visitors if a video goes viral. Furthermore, your videos will remain online forever if no Terms of Service are violated, so you have the added benefit of not having to worry about them being taken down. Referral traffic will never go away, so that source will never stop.

Keep long-tail keywords in mind

A long tail keyword is more specific (hence the name) and has far less competition compared to a specific target keyword. Having a look at the related Google searches below the results is an excellent way to find these. As an example, the following results appear when searching for “find long tail keywords”:
Your organic traffic can be boosted by more than 50% if you target these long tail keywords within your content.

Take the time to build your brand

It can be challenging to increase website traffic without marketing, but one of the most effective things you can do is build your brand. Your blog should be focused on providing quality, value-driven content to your readers and you should strive to monetize it as much as possible.
You will have returning visitors and loyal readers who trust your authority if your website generates a strong brand that stands out from the crowd. Efforts such as these will help you stand out within your field of expertise, and will help you maintain support for your business without wasting money on marketing campaigns that may or may not be successful.

Avoid these pitfalls

These are some of the most common mistakes that people make. It is important to avoid the following “Don’ts” as they will adversely affect your website’s value and the authority of your brand, as well as restrict your website traffic.

Followers being spammed

Most people make this mistake, even though it seems like common sense. We recommend that you refrain from spamming forums, social networks, and other websites. Using these methods will not generate traffic for your website for long, and will only be annoying to other users, followers, and website owners. To succeed in social media networking, you should adhere to the “80-20 rule.”

The publication of poor content

As you’ve probably seen before, sites or bloggers will post content on a daily basis in an effort to increase click-through rates. It initially has some decent content, but then it goes downhill.
Having poor content on your website or blog may make your brand appear unprofessional and tarnish its image. You will be able to attract targeted traffic if you maintain a good reputation and brand authority within your niche.

Traffic purchasing

While purchasing traffic can sometimes be useful, it generally brings in untargeted traffic that is not relevant to your business. A further disadvantage is that the traffic mainly originates from low-quality websites, which might negatively affect your website’s ranking. It is best not to buy website traffic if you want to keep your website high quality.

A final thought on website traffic

When it comes to finding ways to increase website traffic without marketing, the above tips show you what to do and what not to do. You can expect to see a noticeable increase in traffic after implementing these techniques regularly for a couple months.
You might consider hiring a freelance writer or web designer if you’ve spent that much time and effort on your content, but don’t see the results you want.
Would you like to know another great way of driving traffic to your website? Make use of push notifications to drive traffic to your site! With it, you can optimize your site while securing leads, and it’s super easy to use.
Which are your tried and true methods for boosting website traffic without breaking the bank? Comment below with your thoughts!
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