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Have you ever found yourself trapped with an amazing company lifetime deal, eager to sell, but faced the daunting task of changing your email address due to stubborn third-party products? It’s like wrestling with digital quicksand, trying to break free from the binds of inflexible account emails. The frustration of not being able to control your inbox is real. But fear not, because here comes Vend Email, your hero in this digital saga. With their free forwarding emails, you’re not just selling deals; you’re selling freedom. Bid farewell to the headache of rigid account emails and embrace hassle-free control over your inbox. Vend Email makes selling and managing your online goodies as easy as a Sunday morning, liberating you from the spam-like grip of restrictive email filters.

What is Vend Email?

Vend Email, founded in 2014 and headquartered in London, England, introduces a unique approach to email management. Offering free forwarding emails for sale and anonymous email addresses, Vend Email aims to provide a secure and convenient solution for dealing with lifetime deals and maintaining privacy. In a world where digital interactions are increasingly complex, Vend Email simplifies the process, allowing users to control their online assets and communications. Whether you’re looking to sell those unused lifetime deals or enhance your privacy, Vend Email is a refreshing answer to the challenges of modern email management.

Where to use Vend Email?

Vend Email is meticulously crafted for individuals dealing with lifetime deals they wish to part with, offering a tailored solution for selling or giving away such deals. It effectively resolves the issue created by certain third-party products that obstruct changes to account email addresses. With Vend’s forwarders, users gain privacy in various scenarios, especially when engaging with marketing or informational campaigns. Beyond tackling challenges, Vend Email empowers users to navigate the digital landscape confidently. Whether searching for a secure platform for deal transactions or aiming for a private channel for email subscriptions, Vend Email seamlessly adapts to your needs. Its versatile features cater to a spectrum of online interactions, providing robust tracking, reporting, and conversion rates for users seeking comprehensive insights into their campaigns. Additionally, the platform prioritizes user control by incorporating an easy-to-use unsubscribe feature, ensuring a personalized and efficient email management experience.

Key Features

Key features that help bring Vend Email’s best performance:

Free Forwarding Service

Vend Email stands out with its robust and user-friendly Free Forwarding Service, offering a distinctive feature. This service facilitates the seamless sale or transfer of unwanted lifetime deals, providing users a cost-free mechanism to manage their digital assets. The platform prioritizes deliverability by ensuring these transactions occur smoothly and efficiently, eliminating the need for users to bear additional costs. In essence, Vend Email’s Free Forwarding Service not only simplifies the process of dealing with unused lifetime deals but also enhances the overall deliverability of these transactions, offering users a hassle-free solution for managing their digital assets.

Masked Email Addresses

Enhancing user privacy is at the core of Vend Email’s features, particularly with the introduction of masked email addresses. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of security when dealing with third-party services. By providing users with a shielded identity, Vend ensures that personal email addresses remain confidential, reducing the risk of unwanted solicitations or potential privacy breaches.

Global Availability

One of Vend Email’s standout advantages lies in its expansive global coverage, breaking down geographical barriers by supporting an extensive list of 47 countries through its payment partner, Stripe. This integration ensures that users from various regions can easily access the platform’s features, ensuring email forwarding engagement effortlessly for users worldwide. Whether you find yourself in New York, Tokyo, or Paris, Vend Email’s inclusive approach allows individuals from around the globe to leverage its capabilities seamlessly. The platform’s accessibility and broad reach accommodate a diverse user base and amplify its effectiveness, making it a go-to choice for individuals regardless of location. It signifies its commitment to providing users with integrated and inclusive email management solutions worldwide.  

Compose Feature

Vend Email takes a user-friendly approach by simplifying the email-sending process through its convenient Compose Feature. This automation feature lets users send emails directly from their dashboard, streamlining the communication experience. Beyond time-saving, this feature significantly enhances user efficiency, positioning Vend Email as more than just an email forwarding service—it becomes a comprehensive email management solution. By incorporating automation into the communication process, Vend Email ensures users can effortlessly compose and send emails, fostering a seamless and efficient email management experience directly from their dashboard.

Transferrable Aliases

Adding a remarkable level of flexibility to email management, Vend Email introduces the ability to transfer aliases securely. This feature enables users to share specific email identities with others, enhancing collaboration or facilitating the handover of digital assets. With the secure transfer of aliases, Vend Email goes beyond conventional email services, adapting to the dynamic needs of users in an interconnected digital landscape.

Pros & Cons


Discover why Vend Email is a top choice with these notable advantages:


Despite its strengths, Vend Email does have a few considerations: 

Secure and Convenient

Vend Email takes pride in providing a secure and remarkably user-friendly solution for selling or transferring lifetime deals. The platform employs robust security measures to ensure users can confidently manage their digital assets without compromising their personal information. This dedication to security and a seamless user experience make Vend Email a trustworthy ally in the often complex realm of online transactions.

Convenient Compose Feature

Vend Email understands the importance of efficiency in the digital age, so the platform introduces a convenient compose feature. This feature allows users to send emails directly from the dashboard, streamlining communication. By eliminating unnecessary steps, Vend Email saves users time and enhances their overall experience, making email management a hassle-free and efficient task.


Vend Email stands out as a privacy-focused system, placing a robust emphasis on user confidentiality. The incorporation of masked email addresses serves as a clear demonstration of the platform’s commitment to enhancing privacy. This system shields personal email addresses, particularly when engaging with third-party services, creating a secure and private communication channel for users. By adopting this privacy-centric approach, Vend Email effectively reduces the risk of unwanted solicitations and preserves the integrity of users’ online identities. The platform’s meticulous attention to these privacy details ensures that users can confidently navigate their digital interactions, knowing their personal information remains safeguarded.

Secure Selling

Vend Email takes the security of user transactions seriously, especially when it comes to selling aliases. The platform ensures a secure mechanism for selling aliases by leveraging the trusted payment gateway, Stripe. This commitment to secure selling instills confidence in users engaging in transactions. It establishes Vend Email as a reliable platform for those looking to monetize or transfer their digital assets securely and with ease.

Cost-Effective Options

Vend Email understands the value of money and the importance of optimizing resources. With a diverse range of pricing plans, including a free option, the platform offers a cost-effective advantage to users with varying needs and budgets. Whether users seek basic forwarding services or more extensive features, Vend Email’s flexible pricing options allow them to allocate their funds wisely, ensuring they get the most value out of their chosen plan. This cost-effective approach positions Vend Email as a practical and accessible solution for users seeking efficient and budget-conscious email management.

Transparent Pricing

Vend Email takes pride in providing users with a clear advantage through its transparent pricing design. The platform ensures that users comprehensively understand the costs associated with their selected plan. This transparency fosters trust and empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their email management, ensuring that they allocate their funds wisely and effectively.

No Custom Domains

While Vend Email offers a range of features, it cannot add custom domain names; users are restricted in personalizing their email addresses according to their preferences or branding. However, it’s important to note that Vend Email recognizes this limitation and endeavors to address it by providing a managed domain service. While users may face constraints in direct domain customization, the managed domain service is designed to offer a workaround, ensuring flexibility in addressing this con.

Exposed Email Address in Replies

Another potential drawback of Vend Email is the exposure of the original email address when users add CC or BCC to replies. While the platform excels in maintaining privacy in various aspects, this specific scenario requires users to exercise caution. The exposure of the original email address in certain situations may counteract the platform’s broader privacy-focused features. Users must be mindful of this aspect to maintain their desired level of privacy, especially when engaging in email conversations where confidentiality is paramount.

What I like about Vend Email?

A standout feature that has truly impressed me with Vend Email is its brilliant capability to let users reply to forwarded emails directly from their regular email client. This functionality seamlessly blends the convenience of a familiar email interface with the privacy-enhancing capabilities of Vend Email. Users can stick to their preferred email client, avoiding navigating multiple platforms or facing a steep learning curve when responding to forwarded emails. Beyond the surface-level convenience, this feature fundamentally addresses the need for privacy. By allowing users to reply from their regular email client, Vend Email eliminates the requirement to reveal the user’s real email address to the original sender, adding a layer of discretion and security to every interaction. It’s not just a practical feature; it’s a privacy-enhancing dimension that sets Vend Email apart in email management.

What I don’t like about Vend Email?

While Vend Email is a highly effective tool, one drawback warrants attention. I’ve observed that adding CC or BCC to replies exposes the original email address to these recipients. It’s a nuance that requires users to exercise caution when utilizing these features to uphold the desired level of privacy. While not diminishing the overall positive experience with Vend Email, this aspect emphasizes the importance of thoughtful consideration when engaging in email interactions. As users, being mindful of this specific scenario becomes crucial to ensure that the privacy measures inherent in the platform are maintained, particularly in situations where confidential information needs safeguarding.

Vend Email Pricing Plans 

Check out the best price options the Vend Email software offers:


Cost: $0

Allocation: Allows users to create 10 forwarder emails.

Sales Commission: 6% + local Stripe fee.

The free plan is an excellent entry point for users with basic needs, offering a limited but useful number of forwarder emails. While it comes with a sales commission, the absence of a monthly fee makes it an attractive option for those with occasional usage or testing requirements.


Cost: $12/month

Allocation: Users can create up to 100 forwarder emails.

Sales Commission: 5% + local Stripe fee.

The standard plan caters to users with a moderate volume of forwarding needs. With a reasonable monthly fee, this plan is suitable for individuals or small businesses requiring a more substantial email forwarding capacity.


Cost: $20/month

Allocation: Offers a generous allowance of 1000 forwarder emails.

Sales Commission: 4% + local Stripe fee.

The premium plan is geared towards power users or businesses with higher demands and provides extensive email forwarding capabilities. With a slightly lower sales commission rate, this plan is designed to accommodate users with larger-scale forwarding requirements.


Discount & Benefits:


Opting for annual billing brings added benefits, allowing users to enjoy two months free on their chosen plan. Additionally, Vend Email is committed to supporting students and nonprofits by offering a 25% discount, making the service more accessible for educational institutions and charitable organizations. What’s there not to like about this product, right?



Vend Email Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at some customers’ feedback about their experiences with Vend Email:

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Vend Email redefines email management and elevates it to a seamless and secure experience. Whether you are navigating the intricate landscape of lifetime deals or simply seeking enhanced privacy in your digital communications, Vend Email stands out as a compelling choice. Its innovative features, from the ability to transfer aliases securely to the convenience of replying to forwarded emails directly from your regular email client, showcase a commitment to user-friendly functionality. The platform’s global reach ensures accessibility for users worldwide, adding an inclusive touch to its repertoire. For those ready to embark on a new era of streamlined and privacy-centric email management, creating a free Vend Email account today is more than just a choice—it’s a step toward a more efficient and secure digital future.



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