Xagio Review

Xagio Review


Xagio Review: Complete Solution for WordPress & SEO

Are you struggling to manage your website?

You’re in the right place. This blog post review is specifically written for those who are looking for the best plugin for WordPress and SEO. I’ve been using Xagio for a long time. It is a great timesaver. And honestly, it helped me get huge results in Google. 

Formerly Project Supremacy v3, Xagio is an all-in-one plugin that offers everything businesses need. That’s why Xagio is a great fit for SEO agencies and affiliate marketers who need a cloud solution that powers WordPress sites and provides an easy, scalable way to grow their online presence. 

The Xagio team has created the most advanced, scalable, secure software for managing website content in the WordPress ecosystem. This includes providing tools to manage websites both onsite and offsite. With Xagio, you can save time by easily updating your site without having to log into multiple systems or platforms.

Yes, Xagio Does Everything With One Software. This means you can get more done with less effort, conflict, and headaches. Built by SEOs for SEOs.

Best Xagio Review

For Whom is Xagio?

WordPress and SEO agencies know that running a successful business means keeping up with the latest technology. But whether you are an affiliate marketer or an SEO/Web Designer, this powerful plugin can work best with your business model too! I myself am a witness!

Ideal for Local SEO

To get strong results in local SEO, you need a combination of knowledge and tools. Xagio provides the tools and expertise. Xagio’s complete suite of features will make Local Search Engine Optimization easier and faster than ever before.

Ideal for SEO & Web Design Agencies

Xagio allows you to manage multiple SEO clients from one software. With it’s SEO dashboard, Xagio can help you keep your clients happy, whether you are actively optimizing a client’s website or just passively managing them.

Ideal for Private Blog Networks, (PBNs)

You need serious tools to manage a Private Blog Network. Xagio makes it easy to manage a large Private Blog Network. You won’t even need your VA, saving you $1000. And all this in minutes per day. Your PBN is protected, indexed, and always available!

Ideal for Affiliate Marketers

There is always something that you need to do to your site every day as an affiliate SEO marketer. Xagio’s complete suite of features makes it easier to use the tools that you already have while maintaining the same quality you’re used to. Unreal keyword research and organization all the way through optimization.

Ideal for WP eCommerce

Xagio loves eCommerce websites that combine WordPress and Woo Commerce. Optimized eCom sites can generate organic traffic that leads to new customers and more revenue. Xagio offers all the features necessary to make this a reality.


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Xagio Is What You Get When You Combine the Power of Cloud WordPress. 

Trusted On Over 15,000 Websites, Xagio gives you a complete solution in helping your SEO. Thousands of us in the WordPress community know that.

With Xagio, you will be able to use the powerful features of the XP connection between WordPress & your Cloud Dashboard every day. This single plugin can replace many other plugins that are incompatible and occupy valuable space.

Xagio Bonus

Below I’ve outlined just some of the powerful features you will get after installing the plugin on your WordPress website.

Site Manager

You can view all of your network’s current events from one place. You can update your cores and themes, make comments, optimize spam & revision usage, as well as manage your space.

You’re now in the heart of all your websites. You can access all the information on your site with just one click! Remote control of WordPress from anywhere with a click. 1-click logins via wp-admin or cPanel. You can view all of your website’s aHrefs and Majestic data, as well as check up-time, performance, and Google index status. You can do everything on your website (and much more) from this page.

SEO Project Plan

This is a unique feature of the Xagio plugin. This is where you can set the default SEO settings or SEO parameters for your entire website. You will be able to save time and ensure that your website is always optimized. You can optimize each page/post using the project planner from one dashboard. It also allows you to do keyword research and planning while you work on pages and posts.

Xagio Project Planner

Plugin & Theme Repository

You can now save your favorite plugins and themes to make it easy to access them quickly. You can store your themes and plugins in one place for easier access. You can create a ‘plugin group’ to make it easy to install plugins on specific websites, such as private blogs networks or affiliate sites. You can also upload any group to multiple sites in one click.

Automated Backups

It’s easier than ever to keep your sites backed up because of Xagio WordPress Tool! You can set your own backup schedule and number to save automatically on Dropbox, Amazon s3, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive. Then, you can forget it all! You are only one click away from completing restoration if something goes wrong.

Rescue Center

Beware, hackers! Owners rejoice! This rescue center will scan and remove malicious files from your website’s most at-risk areas. In just a few mouse clicks, you can fully restore WP Core & Plugin files and scan for suspicious files that may have been added to the uploads, plugin, and/or theme directories.

Silo Builder

WordPress’s most intuitive drag-and-drop visual silo building tool! It’s never been simpler to build and view your site’s virtual silo structures. With a visual canvass, drag and drop your site to create the ideal silo structure. Silo Builder is so full of features that it might be its own product, but it comes with it!

Schema Builder for JSON-LD

Fill out the gaps, and you will have a perfectly formatted Schema. There are over 95% available schema.org types, so you can build whatever you like. You can also clone schemas from any URL and duplicate yours for easy reuse. Xagio Schema Builder will make you a Schema expert in no time.

Sub-user Access

Your virtual assistants and employees can have restricted access! You can create sub-accounts and give them access to specific sites or features. While you retain full control of your network, the assistance that you require is available in a private and secure manner.

301 Redirect and 404 Manager

Automate the control of traffic flow! You can set manual redirects at the page level, or you can turn on auto 301s to make slug changes. This is something I use often. Nearly 90% of websites I create have an error, or I need to modify the URL for SEO. The URL must be 301ed to the new page. This will ensure that your traffic does not reach a dead end. 

Xagio’s 404 monitors can also tell you which pages are being visited by visitors so that you can create a 1-click redirect for complete control.

Xagio WordPress Plugin Review

Pretty Link Manager

This feature allows your domain to be turned into a bit.ly link tracker. A domain called pretty link can track the CTR for any link. A short code-based link can be used internally to change any existing links. You can use external masking to hide domain-branded links from your site.

Clone WordPress

With a single click, you can create an exact replica of your site! The clone will clone any files, plugins, and themes to your site that has the licensed Xagio plugin. Clone creates a backup of the source and destination websites in case something goes wrong.

Tracker of Rank

Why would you pay extra for a rank tracking tool when it is already included with Xagio WordPress Plugin. A feature-rich rank tracker displays the keywords that you’re tracking and how they are ranked in every Google extension. Beautiful historical ranking history charts and all other features offered by the main rank tracking service without login or bill.

Review Manager

With the new Collect & Display Review Scoring plugin, you can collect reviews and ratings on your WordPress site without ever having to update schema code. The automatic JSON-LD Schema Aggregate rating calculation makes it easy for managers like yourself who don’t always have time during their busy day!

Management and a Feature-Rich Optimization Plugin

Indeed, Xagio’s Cloud-Based WordPress Management Technology is the only all-in-one cloud solution that helps users manage their entire website presence from one location — including blogs, e-commerce stores, and membership sites — while providing advanced SEO features like keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor tracking. It’s also compatible with any theme or plugin, so there’s no hassle when switching providers or upgrading software versions. Plus, their 24/7 support team makes sure everything runs smoothly so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about technical issues.

The truth is that I am totally hands-up to Xagio. The Quick-start Dashboard alone stands out among any other plugins I’ve used before. Some basic settings that make a customizable plugin experience possible are a superb addition. Plus, a system status window makes troubleshooting be done with great ease. 

But the best feature that I like about this tool is the Project Planner. It allows you to audit your pages and optimize them all at one glance, saving hours of time between changing pages and waiting for the screen to reload. What a relief, right?

Personally, I have never heard of or seen another plugin that allows you to achieve this. It really helps in getting high rankings for your site, a real-time saver, and is very cost-efficient.

Xagio All in One Plugin

The Challenge of Using an All in One Plugin

It is however true that Xagio can be pretty overwhelming at first. This tool does so much that it will make you feel disoriented on your first try.  But with constant use, you can easily start to pick it up. In no time any dedicated SEO can master this tool and reap the benefits of using this ultimate plugin.

Generally, the only bad thing about this tool is if you haven’t given it a try and cannot see for yourself how much work and frustration you are actually getting rid of by having Xagio around.

Xagio Replaces All Other Tools for One Low price

With everything you need, this platform is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who needs to manage their WordPress site(s), grow their affiliate marketing business, or learn about SEO. To make things even better, Xagio offers three different pricing plans, so you can find the plan that meets your budget. These are PRO MONTHLY at $57/month; PRO ANNUAL on pro features at only $497/year; and they even offer a free version of the plugin.

I myself am surprised after doing the math. I don’t want to bore you with calculations, but we’re talking of hundreds of dollars saved from purchasing multiple and complicated plugins to run your business sites. Add the hustle and time you will save yourself from, and the price of this wonderful tool will be close to nothing.

Xagio Software

Xagio – WordPress SEO Plugin Review Summary 

Overall this is an absolute must-have tool for every WordPress SEO expert. This amazing plugin can become a lifesaver when you have a lot of work to do in a limited time.

It can be difficult to manage client websites because of all the time you have to spend on SEO and other technical tasks. You also need a solution that allows you to grow your business with more clients and team members. With Xagio, you just found the perfect solution.

I recommend it with all my heart as a very powerful and efficient tool that can really help you in your professional work. This has been demonstrated by extensive testing and experience on the part of myself!

The best thing is that you can actually try Xagio for free! Or you can choose a monthly or an annual plan that will give you access to all the pro features I’ve been talking about all throughout this blog post. 


I give this tool 2 thumbs up!

We’ve talked about how Xagio is the best WordPress SEO plugin for managing all your SEO work and ranking all your clients. It manages everything from keyword research, to post title optimization, to link-building strategies so you can focus on what matters most- helping your customers grow their businesses!

Click here or the button below to grab your copy of Xagio at a discounted rate with our special deal we were able to gather for you!

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