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In digital marketing, it’s all about leading your audience down the right path to your chosen page. However, simply generating traffic doesn’t cut it – monitoring and examining your conversion rates is vital. This is where click and conversion tracking tools come into the picture. In this review, we’ll delve into the myriad benefits of employing such software and how it can amplify your marketing prowess.

Incorporating these tools into your marketing strategy brings a whole list of advantages. They offer a comprehensive view of everything happening in your campaign, enhancing your overall experience. With these tools, you will get everything, as they allow tracking every click and conversion.

There are several compelling reasons to consider this type of software. One of the main ones is the wealth of information it provides, which is crucial for making informed decisions about your marketing efforts.

What is Build Redirects?

Build Redirects is a click and conversion tracking software that provides marketers a comprehensive traffic control center. It allows marketers to create redirect links and link funnels, giving them complete control over their traffic and optimizing their campaigns for maximum ROI. With features like error 404 detection and protection, retargeting pixel integration, and real-time analytics, Build Redirects helps marketers track and analyze every click, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to increase profits. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, email marketer, blogger, or small business owner, Build Redirects can help you earn more from each click you generate.

Build Redirects Honest Review

Who is it Created For?

Build Redirects is a versatile tool designed to benefit many online marketers and business owners. Whether you’re an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, email marketer, or anyone who utilizes links in their online business, Build Redirects can help you optimize your campaigns and increase your profits. With complete control over each click, you can maximize your ROI and turn losing campaigns into successful ones.

Taking the necessary steps to implement this type of software can significantly streamline your marketing process. It helps you understand the things that work and those that need some tweaking. With this service, you can enlist someone to handle the technical aspects, leaving you free to focus on the market trends and strategies.

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Build Redirects Main Features 

Explore the features of Build Redirects, a toolset designed to optimize your ROI and facilitate business growth. This all-in-one traffic and conversion technology is aimed at practical improvements in your sales strategy.

  • Create Redirect Links: Generate branded and condensed marketing links quickly, giving you control over your traffic.
  • Create Link Funnels: Build link funnels effortlessly to manage redirects and control-click destinations.
  • Error 404 Detection & Alerts: Identify inactive offers promptly to avoid profit loss. The system alerts you and allows you to set a backup offer for swift redirection.
  • Set Retargeting Pixels: Strategically place retargeting pixels on links for automatic ad redirection to all clickers.
  • Intelligent Conversion or EPC Optimization: Utilize the system’s intelligence to optimize links based on conversion rates or earnings per click (EPC).
  • Affiliate Pixel Tracking: Configure affiliate pixels for each offer, facilitating detailed conversion tracking and providing comprehensive statistics.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Access customizable real-time analytics and reports anytime for informed marketing decisions.
  • Split Testing & Conversion Tracking: Conduct efficient split tests on multiple offers, define traffic distribution, and optimize based on conversion tracking.
  • Mobile Browser Redirection: Monetize mobile traffic by redirecting users on mobile devices to optimized offers.
  • IP Redirection: Control the frequency of offer displays to minimize click wastage. Define settings to optimize click monetization in link funnels.
  • Create Variables & Tags: Pass variables for tracking purposes, set default variables for streamlined traffic management, and organize links with a customizable tagging system.
  • Cloak Your Links: Conceal affiliate URLs with the link cloaking feature to present only the BuildRedirects-generated URL.
  • Password Protection: Securely deliver exclusive content by password-protecting links, restricting access to selected users.
  • Ordered or Split Test Links: Enjoy flexibility with split test links and customizable link funnels, providing control over traffic distribution.
  • Geo-Targeting: Restrict offers based on geographic location, offering flexibility in managing and optimizing traffic.

Build Redirects click and conversion tracking software

Build Redirects Pros and Cons

Having listed the features of Build Redirects, it’s essential to go into some detail about its advantages and disadvantages.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatile features to cater to different types of online marketers and business owners
  • Customizable real-time analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Split testing and conversion tracking for optimizing campaigns
  • Mobile browser redirection for monetizing mobile traffic 


  • It can be overwhelming for beginners with no prior knowledge of click and conversion tracking software 
  • It can be a bit pricey for smaller businesses or individuals with limited budgets

Customer Reviews on Build Redirects: A Game-Changer for Online Businesses

Build Redirects is highlighted as a vital tool in the online marketing sphere, with users attributing significant profit increases to its use. Anthony Morrison, business owner at, has been using BuildRedirects for over six years, leveraging it to optimize clicks and target massive profits.

Adrian Morrison, a Shopify store owner and digital product creator, lauds the software’s efficacy in running millions of dollars worth of Facebook traffic to his businesses. With careful monitoring and analysis, he found ways to direct traffic to specific pages, enhancing profitability.

Tyler Devin, an email marketer, sees Build Redirects as a key component in his six-figure monthly earnings. The software enables him to tailor his site versions for different categories of visitors, increasing conversion rates.

Lastly, a solo ad provider, Bobby Beeson credits one feature in Build Redirects for an additional $100,000 in income in just a year. He appreciates the software’s server capacity and price point, which allowed him to reach more people across various websites.

There are many things that contribute to the success of these customers. It includes their business ethics and online marketing strategies, as well as their use of essential tools like Build Redirects. If you’re looking to increase your profits and optimize your campaigns, give Build Redirects a try and see the difference it can make in your business. 

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What Do I Like About Build Redirects?

Build Redirects stands out as an indispensable tool for online marketers aiming to optimize their campaigns and boost profitability. The user-friendly interface empowers marketers with complete control over their traffic, ensuring every click is tracked for valuable insights. Its redirect links and link funnels feature allows marketers to direct traffic precisely where it matters, unlocking untapped revenue potential. The built-in error 404 detection and protection feature safeguards marketers from financial losses caused by dead links. For any online marketer seeking to elevate their campaigns, BuildRedirects is an invaluable must-have tool.

Build Redirects Review: Things I Don’t Like

Honestly, there is nothing that I don’t like about Build Redirects. It is a comprehensive and versatile tool that fulfills all its promises, providing essential features for optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI. The only downside could be the learning curve for beginners, but with the help of their robust customer support team and easy-to-follow tutorials, anyone can quickly get up to speed.

Build Redirects’ Pricing Options

Build Redirects offers flexible pricing options to cater to various needs and budgets. Users can choose between a simple monthly plan or take advantage of the exceptional value with two months free by opting for the annual plan.

Super Affiliate

The “Super Affiliate” plan, priced at $99.99 per month, provides extensive features, including link funnels, redirect links, password protection, mobile browser detection, geo-targeting, IP redirection and rotation, subID and variable tracking, advanced analytics and reporting, unlimited custom domains, and more.

Pro Plan

For those with more moderate requirements, the “Pro” plan is available at $49.99 per month, offering 150,000 monthly clicks and a comprehensive set of features, including link funnels, redirect links, password protection, mobile browser detection, geo-targeting, and detailed analytics.

Build Redirects Basic

The “Basic” plan, priced at $19.99 per month, caters to users with lighter traffic needs, providing 50,000 monthly clicks and essential features like link funnels, redirect links, password protection, and basic analytics and reporting.

No matter the chosen plan, Build Redirects offers a range of powerful tools and features to optimize campaign performance and maximize results.

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Final Verdict: How can Build Redirects Help Your Business?

After carefully analyzing and exploring the features of Build Redirects, it is evident that this tool can significantly benefit any online business. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and flexible pricing options, it caters to all types of businesses, from beginners to super affiliates. By utilizing Build Redirects, businesses can optimize their campaigns for increased ROI and profitability while gaining valuable insights into consumer behavior and trends. Its advanced analytics and split testing capabilities allow businesses to make data-driven decisions for better performance.

In conclusion, Build Redirects is a must-have tool for any online business looking to maximize their marketing efforts and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. I recommend giving it a try and seeing the positive impact it can have on your business.

How to Start Your Journey with Build Redirects

As a business owner, I know the importance of making the right choice in order to streamline your business processes. With Build Redirects, it’s a straightforward thing to get started.

Don’t let errors in your marketing efforts cause you issues – give Build Redirects a look and sense the difference it can bring to your sites! In addition to its main functions, it offers a user-friendly backend that makes navigation a breeze. This is your chance to elevate your conversion rate and source better ROI. So, make Build Redirects your top choice and sign up now.


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