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Hi people! Before anything else, do you struggle with manually transcribing text from images, YouTube videos, video tutorials, screencasts, QR codes, webpages, online courses, or PDFs? Switching from one application to another on your computers? Here comes TextSniper, a versatile text recognition tool designed exclusively for macOS users, could be the solution you’ve been searching for. With lightning-fast speed, impressive accuracy, and a user-friendly interface, TextSniper simplifies text extraction from various sources, making it a valuable asset in the digital landscape. It benefits a wide audience, including professionals, students, language learners, and those with accessibility needs. While it has some limitations, such as platform exclusivity to macOS, TextSniper’s advantages outweigh its drawbacks. Whether you’re digitizing text, working with QR codes, or enhancing productivity, TextSniper is a tool worth considering anytime, anywhere.


The Power of TextSniper: An Introduction

In the digital age, the ability to extract text from various sources efficiently has become a valuable asset. Whether you’re a professional, a student, a language learner, or someone with accessibility needs, having a tool that simplifies text recognition can save you time and effort. Enter TextSniper, a versatile text recognition tool designed exclusively for macOS users. Co-founded by Valerijs Boguckis in 2020, TextSniper addresses the common need for extracting text from images, QR codes, and more.

This article aims to provide an in-depth evaluation of TextSniper’s features and benefits. We’ll explore how TextSniper simplifies text extraction tasks for macOS users, examining its strengths and limitations. Whether you’re a professional, student, language learner, or someone with accessibility needs, this review will help determine if TextSniper is the right tool.

TextSniper’s Impressive Feature Set

These detailed explanations provide insight into TextSniper’s key features and potential advantages in diverse situations.

Text to Speech

TextSniper’s Text to Speech feature is a powerful tool for auditory learners, individuals with visual impairments, or anyone who prefers listening to written content. It allows your Mac to read text extracted from images aloud, making it an excellent aid for foreign language learners and those who find reading text on their screens challenging. This feature can also serve as a valuable assistive technology for individuals with dyslexia, enhancing the accessibility of digital content.

QR Code and Barcode Reader

TextSniper goes beyond text recognition; it doubles as a QR code and barcode reader. This feature instantly captures, extracts, and converts any QR code or barcode into text. This functionality eliminates additional apps or manual data entry, making your Mac a powerful decoding tool. Whether checking product prices online or dealing with inventory management, TextSniper simplifies the process.

Convert Scanned or Protected PDF to Text

Dealing with PDFs that don’t allow text copying can be frustrating. TextSniper is a PDF scanner-to-text converter that easily extracts text from scanned or protected PDF files. It streamlines the process, making it as simple and convenient as taking a screenshot with a built-in snipping tool for Mac.

Multi-Capturing or Additive Clipboard Feature

When you need to capture multiple snippets of text for later use, TextSniper’s Multi-Capturing or Additive Clipboard feature comes to the rescue. Instead of the cumbersome process of capturing, switching applications, pasting, and repeating, this feature allows you to accumulate multiple text snippets and paste them all at once into your text application. It enhances efficiency when working with a variety of textual content.

Images to Text

Have you ever needed to retype non-selectable or uncopyable text from images? TextSniper simplifies this task using Mac OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. It allows you to select a portion of your screen, and almost instantaneously, the text is saved to your clipboard, editor, or notes as editable text. It’s as effortless as taking a screenshot and greatly reduces the need for manual transcription.

Subtle Design

TextSniper takes a minimalist approach regarding its presence on your Mac desktop. It offers a customizable keyboard shortcut to ensure it’s always within reach when needed. However, it doesn’t clutter your macOS dock; instead, it discreetly resides in the menu bar, ensuring that it stays out of the way until you call upon it. This design choice maximizes your workspace efficiency.

Lightning-Fast OCR Technology

One of TextSniper’s standout features is its advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This technology enables TextSniper to recognize text within your selected area swiftly. As a result, you can say goodbye to the tedious process of manually transcribing text from images. This feature significantly reduces the time spent on data entry tasks, allowing you to focus on more critical matters.

**TextSniper currently supports macOS Catalina, Big Sur, and newer versions, offering extended language support. It’s important to remember that software features may undergo changes and improvements through updates and new versions. Therefore, we recommend visiting the official TextSniper site or referring to the latest documentation for the most up-to-date information regarding its capabilities.

Who Can Benefit from TextSniper?

TextSniper is a versatile tool with a range of potential target customers, including:

  1. Mac Users: As TextSniper is designed for macOS, it primarily targets Mac users who require text extraction and related features. This includes a broad range of Mac owners, from casual users to professionals.
  2. Professionals: TextSniper can be highly beneficial for professionals who need to extract text from images or screenshots as part of their work. This includes data entry professionals, researchers, journalists, and content creators who often deal with printed or visual materials.
  3. Language Learners: Individuals learning a new language can use TextSniper to extract and translate text from books, articles, or images, aiding in language comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.
  4. Students: Students can use TextSniper to quickly digitize text from printed materials, making incorporating quotes or references into their research papers or assignments easier.
  5. Accessibility Users: TextSniper’s text-to-speech feature can assist individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia, or other reading challenges, making digital content more accessible.
  6. Businesses: Businesses that need to process large volumes of printed or image-based text, such as those dealing with invoices, receipts, or customer feedback, can benefit from the time-saving capabilities of TextSniper.
  7. Content Creators: Bloggers, social media managers, and content creators can use TextSniper to quickly extract and repurpose text content from images for their online platforms.
  8. QR Code and Barcode Users: Those who frequently work with QR codes and barcodes, such as inventory managers, can leverage TextSniper’s decoding feature to streamline their workflow.
  9. Freelancers: Freelancers in various fields, including translation, transcription, and content writing, can find TextSniper valuable for efficiently extracting text from source materials.
  10. Educators: Teachers and educators can use TextSniper to digitize printed educational materials, making sharing and distributing content with students easier.

TextSniper’s Strengths and Advantages

These advantages highlight TextSniper’s strengths, making it a versatile and efficient tool for a wide range of users with diverse text extraction needs.

Multi Language Support

TextSniper shines in its ability to support multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility for users around the world. Whether you need text recognition in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese. Chinese, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, or other languages, with these languages included, TextSniper has you covered.

Lightning Speed and Reliability

When it comes to text extraction, speed and accuracy matter. TextSniper offers rapid text extraction without compromising on reliability. It swiftly recognizes and transcribes text, ensuring you save time while maintaining high-quality results.

Efficient Text Extraction

TextSniper streamlines the process of extracting text from various sources. Whether you’re dealing with images, YouTube videos, video tutorials, screencasts, QR codes, webpages, online courses, or PDFs, TextSniper simplifies the task, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Additional Features

TextSniper goes beyond basic text recognition. It offers valuable features like QR codes and barcode decoding, allowing you to gather information from various sources effortlessly. Furthermore, its text-to-speech functionality adds a layer of accessibility, making digital content more inclusive.

Customizable Shortcuts

TextSniper’s user-friendly customization options empower you to tailor the tool to your preferences. You can access its features quickly and efficiently with customizable shortcuts, enhancing your workflow.

Minimalistic Design

TextSniper understands the importance of an uncluttered workspace. It maintains a minimalistic presence on your Mac, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your productivity. The tool discreetly resides in the menu bar, ready to assist.

Advanced OCR Technology

TextSniper leverages advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to provide accurate text recognition. This technology ensures that even text within complex images or documents is faithfully transcribed, reducing the need for manual editing.

Considerations When Using TextSniper

Despite its many advantages, TextSniper does have some limitations that users should consider.

Challenges with Symbol Recognition

While TextSniper excels at recognizing and extracting text, it may face challenges when dealing with intricate symbols, such as those found in computer code or words in specialized fonts. Users working extensively with symbol-rich content may need help. Make sure that you check your Text Sniper app for product updates.

Platform Exclusivity to macOS

TextSniper is exclusively designed for macOS users, limiting its accessibility to individuals who use other operating systems, such as Windows or Linux. This platform exclusivity may be a drawback for potential users who do not have a Mac. 

Limited to Single Mac License

TextSniper licenses are restricted to a single Mac, meaning the software can only be used on one macOS device per License. If you require TextSniper on multiple Mac devices, purchase separate licenses for each. Additionally, major upgrades and extra features may come with additional costs, which could impact the overall cost-effectiveness of the software for some users.

TextSniper’s Winning Features

TextSniper is packed with awesome features that I love. First, it’s lightning-fast when capturing and extracting text from images, which is a massive time-saver. Its accuracy is even more impressive – it can handle complex fonts and layouts like a pro.

But what sets TextSniper apart is how user-friendly it is. The user interface is super intuitive, so you’ll feel like a pro in no time. In addition, it’s a multilingual champ, handling different languages effortlessly. And it gets better – you can customize the keyboard shortcut and switch to a dark mode, making it even more user-friendly. No internet connection, no problem. You don’t even need it for most of its features. So, TextSniper is like your reliable friend, always ready to help, whether you’re online or offline. It’s a real game-changer for anyone who deals with text from images.

Areas for Improvement with TextSniper

One minor drawback I’ve noticed with TextSniper is that, on occasion, it can encounter difficulties when dealing with intricate layouts or particularly complex images. While it generally excels in accuracy, these instances might require manual adjustments or corrections. However, it’s important to note that these situations are relatively infrequent and don’t significantly overshadow its overall performance.

Another point to consider is that TextSniper, while reasonably priced, is only partially free and comes with a one-time purchase cost. While the cost is justifiable given its capabilities, some users prefer entirely free alternatives. TextSniper licenses are tied to a single Mac, meaning you may incur additional expenses if you want to use it on multiple devices or access major upgrades. This limitation might be a factor to consider for users who rely on TextSniper across various Mac devices or anticipate future enhancements. Nevertheless, these drawbacks are relatively minor compared to the numerous benefits TextSniper offers, making it a valuable tool for text extraction from images.

TextSniper’s Pricing Options

TextSniper offers users a few flexible pricing options to cater to their specific needs:

License for 1 Mac – $7.99

This option allows you to use TextSniper on one macOS device. It’s a great choice for individuals who primarily work on a single Mac and need efficient text extraction from images.

License for 3 Macs – $9.99

If you use multiple Macs or want to share TextSniper with family or colleagues, this option permits installation on up to three Macs. It offers added convenience and versatility.

Unlimited License – $11.99

For those who need the freedom to use TextSniper across multiple Mac devices without any restrictions, the Unlimited License is the ideal choice. It offers unlimited installations and access to all features.

TextSniper is also available through Setapp, a subscription service that offers access to TextSniper and over 240 other Mac and iOS apps for just $9.99 monthly, without additional charges or advertisements.

It’s important to note that TextSniper provides a free trial period for a week, allowing users to test its capabilities before making a purchase. Additionally, when you buy TextSniper directly from the site, you enjoy a 7-day money-back guarantee. This ensures you can confidently try the app and see if it meets your needs. So, whether you’re a solo user or need TextSniper for several Macs, there’s a pricing plan that suits you.



User Experiences with TextSniper

Here, let’s delve into the experience shared by macOS users in the following reviews:

“Outstanding customer support! I encountered a few hiccups while tinkering with the app, mainly because of my curiosity in testing it on an incompatible macOS developer beta. However, I was truly impressed with the customer support provided. The app developer was incredibly responsive and worked diligently to get the app running smoothly again.

Speaking of the app itself, it’s an absolute game-changer. It can save you much time, especially if you copy text from images or scanned documents. I wholeheartedly agree with other reviewers who’ve described it as an app you never knew you needed. I work in healthcare and frequently need to extract text from scanned medical records. This app has been a lifesaver, quite literally, as it has shaved off hours from my workflow.” – O. Oluoha

“I rely on this tool every single day. It’s astonishing how many scenarios call for its use. From Zoom calls where chat text can’t be copied to capturing a printed document through an iPhone photo and AirDropping it to my Mac to live streaming presentations that display unclickable web links – the possibilities are endless. When I’m working on a computer without this utility installed, I instantly feel its absence.

So, don’t hesitate – try and witness how it effortlessly eliminates a significant chunk of your daily workday stress. Alongside Skitch from Evernote for excellent compressed screenshots, it’s become an indispensable part of my toolkit.” – expertseries

TextSniper: The Bottom Line

So, what’s the bottom line with TextSniper? Well, it’s a real gem when pulling texts from images, and here’s why. First, it’s super speedy and accurate – it can snatch text from images in a flash, and even tricky fonts and layouts don’t trip it up. Plus, it’s a breeze to use, a combination of tools that’ll solve your problems in of ways for you. The interface is like a friendly guide that helps you quickly get the hang of things. And if you speak more than one language, no worries – TextSniper has you covered. It can handle various languages like a pro. Plus, you can tweak things to suit your style with customizable hotkeys and a cool dark mode.

Now, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows – there are a few things to consider. Sometimes, it might stumble with complex layouts, but those situations are rare. And it’s not completely free, although the price is pretty reasonable. Remember that if you’ve got multiple Macs or want those big fancy upgrades, you might need to open your wallet more. But here’s the deal – TextSniper is like that trusty sidekick you didn’t know you needed. It’s always there, whether online or offline, helping you do the job with a smile. So, if you’re a Mac user tired of typing text from images, give TextSniper a whirl. It might just help you live life a little easier.



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